Hard Riddles

Hard riddles with answers are a true test of your brain power, reasoning and comprehension. You are sure to find these tough difficult riddles both challenging and puzzling. While these hard riddles and answers may drive you a little crazy sometimes, they may surprise you in the way they force you think out of the box.

Survival of the Sheep

There is an island filled with grass and trees and plants. The only inhabitants are 100 lions and 1 sheep.

The lions are special:

  1. They are infinitely logical, smart, and completely aware of their surroundings
  2. They can survive by just eating grass (and there is an infinite amount of grass on the island)
  3. They prefer of course to eat the sheep
  4. Their only food options are grass or sheep

Now, here’s the kicker:

  • If a lion eats a sheep he TURNS into a sheep (and could then be eaten by other lions)
  • A lion would rather eat grass all his life than be eaten by another lion (after he turned into a sheep)

You can make the following assumptions:

  1. Assume that one lion is closest to the sheep and will get to it before all others. Assume that there is never an issue with who gets to the sheep first. The issue is whether the first lion will get eaten by other lions afterwards or not
  2. The sheep cannot get away from the lion if the lion decides to eat it
  3. Do not assume anything that hasn’t been stated above

Will that one sheep get eaten or not and why?

Riddle Answer

Magic Tree

There was a magic tree that on the first day increased its height by half, on the second by day by a third, on the third day by a quarter, and so on. How many days did it take it to grow one hundred times its original height?

Riddle Answer

Lion and the Unicorn

Alice came across a lion and a unicorn in a forest of forgetfulness. Those two are strange beings. The lion lies every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the other days he speaks the truth. The unicorn lies on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, however the other days of the week he speaks the truth.

Lion: Yesterday I was lying.
Unicorn: So was I.

On which day did they say that?

Riddle Answer