Agents Yellow, Red and Green

Agents Yellow, Red and Green each have a green badge, a yellow badge and a red badge, but none of them has a badge color that matches their name. They met when called to a conference at headquarters.

The Agent with the Green badge said “I have a license to kill!” to which Agent Red replied sarcastically: “What, time?”

What color is each Agent’s badge?


Note that it’s the agent with the Green badge and not Agent Green talking to Agent Red.

As the agent with the green badge has spoken to Agent Red, we know that Agent Red doesn’t have a green badge. We already know he doesn’t have a red badge. Therefore he has a yellow badge.

The agent with the green badge cannot be Agent Red, nor can he be Agent Green, therefore he is Agent Yellow.

So Agent Yellow has a Green badge, and Agent Red has a yellow badge, meaning Agent Green must have a red badge.

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