Unreliable Clock

You have an unreliable clock. The clock loses exactly 24 minutes every hour. It is now showing 3:00am and you have set it correctly at midnight. The clock stopped 1 hour ago, what is the correct time now?


The time is 6am.

For every 1 hour that has passed, the clock will only show 36 minutes as it will lose 24 minutes.

When the clock was showing 3am, 180 clock minutes have passed since midnight. This means that 300 (180/36 x 24 minutes + 180 minutes) real minutes have passed when the clock was showing 3am. Since the clock stopped 1 hour ago, another 60 minutes have passed. Therefore a total of 360 minutes have passed.

Since 360 minutes = 6 hours, the time is 6 hours after midnight.