What’s My Address

I live on Sunset Boulevard, where there are 6 houses on my side of the block. The house numbers are consecutive even numbers. The sum of all 6 house numbers is 8790. You don’t know which block I live on, and it’s a long street, but I will tell you that I live in the lowest number on my side of the block. What’s my address?


The address is 1460 Sunset Boulevard.

You know that the house numbers are even and consecutive, so they must be approximately 1/6th the value of the sum 8790. In fact, the number that is 1/6th the total is the mean (average) for all 6 houses. The average number is 1465 (8790 / 6).

There must be 3 house numbers greater than that number, and 3 house numbers less than that number, all being even and consecutive.

Therefore, the 6 house numbers are 1460, 1462, 1464, 1466, 1468, 1470. The lowest house number, as per the question, is the answer: 1460.