Detective Riddles

Detective riddles tell you a story and require you to figure out what is suspicious or wrong with what you’ve read. If you like doing detective work, you will love these riddles.

Missing Wallet Thief

Six men, namely Martin Freeman, Jonah Jameson, Terry Singer, Mike Cooper, Jim Condon and Sylvian Bogard were in an elevator together.

Unexpectedly, the lights went out. When the lights came back, Martin Freeman’s wallet was missing which contained a confidential item.

Detectives were called at the scene. They interrogated the suspects, the witnesses, and people who were familiar with the suspects. They collected physical evidence (hair samples, fiber samples, etc.) from the crime scene as well. Overall, they were able to collect fifteen clues, but they could still not find the culprit.

Following are the clues.

  1. No two suspects have the same weight, color shoes, color umbrella, color car, or hair color.
  2. The suspect who owns a pink car was wearing tan shoes.
  3. The suspect who weighs 180 pounds owns an orange car.
  4. Terry Singer owns an orange car.
  5. The suspect who owns a blue car was wearing purple shoes.
  6. The suspect who weighs 150 pounds was wearing tan shoes.
  7. Mike Cooper was carrying a pink umbrella.
  8. Sylvian Bogard has black hair.
  9. Jonah Jameson weighs 210 pounds.
  10. The suspect who weighs 190 pounds was wearing purple shoes.
  11. The suspect who was carrying a black umbrella is not the one who was wearing blue shoes.
  12. The thief owns a blue car.
  13. The suspect who owns a white car is not the one who weighs 170 pounds.
  14. Jim Condon was wearing brown shoes.
  15. The suspect who weighs 190 pounds is not the one who has black hair.

Can you find the culprit?

Riddle Answer

Charged for Killing Wife

A man is in court for killing his wife. In the closing statements the man’s lawyer surprises everyone when he announces “His wife was just missing. Everyone look at those doors. His wife is going to walk in those doors in about 30 seconds.”

The entire court is silent and the jury stares at the door as the lawyer and the defendant stare at them. After a couple of minutes the lawyer says “See! If you were so sure he killed his wife, you wouldn’t be watching that door!”

The jury goes into deliberation and comes back almost immediately with a guilty verdict. Why did the jury convict him?

Riddle Answer

Bottles of Milk, Newspaper, Unopened Mails

An old man lives alone in a flat. Because of his old age, he is not able to move comfortably and hence most of the things are delivered to his home.

On Friday while delivering the mail, the postman felt something suspicious in the flat and tried to look inside through the key hole and he saw a blood filled body of the old man.

The police arrived at the scene. On the outside of flat they found two bottles of warm milk, Tuesday newspaper, some unopened mails and some gifts.

Who killed the old man and how did the police know who to arrest?

Riddle Answer