Logic Riddles

Logic riddles with answers involve looking at situations and making judgements about them by ruling out impossibilities. If you like solving maths puzzles, you will most probably like logic riddles as well.

The President of Logitopia

Larry, Matt, and Nick live in the strange country of Logitopia. This country is inhabited by three races of people: the type A people who always tell the truth, the type B people who always lie, and the type C people who alternately tell the truth and lie. One of the three is the president of Logitopia.

Larry makes these two statements:

  1. The president is of a different race from the other two.
  2. Matt is not the president.

Matt makes these two statements:

  1. The president is a type B person.
  2. Larry is not the president.

Nick makes these two statements:

  1. Exactly two of us are of the same race.
  2. I am not the president.

Who is the president?

Riddle Answer